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Welcome to the darkest meme community in the world

Introducing Baby Shiva:
The Progeny of Darkness

Meet Baby Shiva:
The New Force in Meme Coins

Dive into the latest sensation in the meme coin universe, Baby Shiva. Born from the enigmatic Shiva Inu—the darker and more mysterious version of the Shiba Inu coin—Baby Shiva is here to shake up the world of meme coins, starting with a rivalry against BabyDogeCoin.


Our primary goal is to outshine other baby meme coins, claiming our rightful place at the top

Support the Burn

Help in reducing the supply of $SHIV through strategic burns, enhancing its value.

Spread the Word

Be part of our community, spreading the word about Baby Shiva's unique charm.

Discover the Power of 1000 Baby Shiva NFTs

Origin Story:

Baby Shiva emerges as a formidable presence in the meme coin market, conceived just days after the launch of its predecessor. Shiva Inu $SHIV has proven itself a powerhouse, quickly giving rise to Baby Shiva.

Join the darkness !


Phase 1
  • Burn 0.0542% of Shiva Inu total supply
  • leaving Shiva with 16% burned supply
We strive to innovate when it comes to functionality. Our mission is to be the best, come and join the ride.


Name: Baby Shiva
Ticker: $BabyShiv

Tax: 2/2%
Supply : 1000 Trillion

2% buyback & burn $SHIV